Experiencing high-turnover? We feel you.

Job posting, recruiting, training and onboarding costs an arm and a leg. But they don't stay long enough for you to reap the benefits. We're here for you.

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Why Employers Choose Qwork?

The Qwork Gigifying Framework

Turn any 9-5 into gigs, save on OPEX and optimize productivity

100% Trained Local Workers

We only supply 100% local workers and they're trained just for you

100% Attendance

Need 100% attendance? We got you covered, Qwork enables backup so that your operation can run to perfection.

Qwork Interview Report

Qwork pre-interviews candidates for you. Candidates sent are just people that has done those jobs in the past.


Who's on the platform?

Who are the Qworkers that we're hiring from Qwork?
What are their background?
How well does Qwork know them?

100% Curated Pool of Qworkers

Rest assured that the workers sent to you have been curated and checked out.

Who are the Qworkers that we're hiring from Qwork?


We're and inclusive platform and proud of it. Our Qworkers comes from all walks of life, they seek to earn more monies in their free time.

Gig Hunters

Millenials and adventures that heart, they seek to explore and improve their myriads of skills on gigs. Or individuals looking to explore a new industry.