Can I become a Qworker?

Of course you can! Qwork is an inclusive platform. We believes everyone has a skill to bring to the table. With the help of gigs, you might even discover your hidden talents.

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Awesome, tell me more!

Belong to the community (coming soon)

As a Qworker, you have access to our Qwork Hub! Enjoy free wifi, refreshments and access to trainings and events done on Qwork absolutely FREE!

Career Advise

Doesn't matter if you're a 17 year old trying to discover what to do next or a fresh graduate looking to explore what to do with the scroll you just earned. We can help you learn more about yourself and chart your awesome career!

Your Resume (coming soon)

The gigs you've done matter! More than 90% of employers prefer on job experience even when hiring fresh graduates. Qwork keeps track of your experiences and enables you to purge out your resume when you need it!

International Student Exchange Programmes & Internships

Qwork works with institutions of higher learning from abroad, to enable you to experience different cultures by student exchange programmes to widen your horizon.


Some benefits

Qwork maintains a talent ecosystem that weaves expectations of employers with the Millenial work-preference.

Be a Changemaker!

Qworkers believe that given the right opportunity, they can affect change for the better.

Be an Outlier

Whoever said that jack of all trades, masters of none is totally wrong. In a world as diverse like today, Qworkers play the fields and thrive. I believe that your only limit is yourself.

Lead Others

Qworkers believe that all we need is a vision and the drive to go forward. Qworkers thrive in realizing the dreams of their team in line with the bigger picture.


I wanna be a Qworker!